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travelling with a baby - the essentials!

What to pack when travelling with a baby - the essentials!

Many new parents really are surprised by the sheer amount of 'stuff' that comes with a looking after a baby. Of course there are some things that are essential and many that aren't, but will make life with a new baby much easier! But what happens when you want to go on holiday with your baby? What are the essentials that you need, and what will make life on the go super easy, leaving you to enjoy your holiday? 

Essentials for a good night's sleep away from home

  • A  portable travel cot, for safe sleep and also for a secure place for your baby if needed during the day.
  • A SnoozeShade cover for your travel cot to block out distractions and encourage undisturbed sleep.
  • A white noise machine to help block out unusual sounds, this is especially helpful if you're staying in a noisier location than home.
  • A lovey that your child knows and loves to give them something familiar from home

We've asked some top baby sleep experts to give us their expert advice on sleeping away from home with a baby or young child, and on what to make sure you have included in your packing list!

Babyhood is arguably one of the easiest times to travel, they are SO portable. But they do tend to need a lot of gear, or so it feels! Often, we as parents overthink and thus over pack. Being smart with our initial purchases can not only save money longer term, avoiding last minute emergency purchases when caught short, but can save serious suitcase space! MAM bottles are self-sterilising or using Medela sterilising bags both save the need for a huge steriliser for example. Take your toddlers snacks in your Avent breastmilk containers during travel, wash and use as needed on holiday to store pumped milk. My personal essentials would be a portable white noise machine, plenty of muslins and an on the go- Milton mini dummy steriliser for when your little one throws it across the airport floor! Fern at & on instagram thebigsleepcompany  

Depending on age, prepare a "fun" pack for the car or plane trip. Have snacks (special occasion snacks like fruit snacks became a hit when my son got older), books, new toys, crayons, some sort of travel drawing toy like an Aquadoodle mat and a book of photos to remind your child of home. If you are not opposed to your child watching TV during traveling, a few movies downloaded onto an iPad or a Kindle can be a lifesaver! Nicole - Baby Sleep Site 

When traveling with a baby, I strongly recommend packing all your sleep gear from home with you so that you recreate your little one's sleep environment from home and add some familiarity to their new environment. If your little one sleeps with a white noise machine, pack it. If he's got a special teddy bear or blanket, bring that long.  If she usually sleeps in a sleep sack, don't forget that item either!  Eva from  

A Pack and Play/travel cot is vital when you're traveling with a baby. A delayed flight or car troubles can upend your schedule in a heartbeat. Ensuring baby has somewhere comfortable to take a nap can make all the difference in maintaining their sleep schedule. Dana from

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