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3 Reasons Why You Should Be Using SnoozeShade in Autumn

The best-selling pushchair UV shade is not just for Summer. Here’s how to continue making the most of SnoozeShade as the weather gets cooler.

Hello Autumn! Once the warm, days and long evenings of Summer are over, it’s time to embrace some cooler days and longer, cosier, evenings. We can't wait!

Just because it’s a bit colder and the evenings are drawing in, there’s no reason to remove SnoozeShade from your pushchair. There are several ways that you can still make the most of your trusty SnoozeShade this season and beyond.

Here are just three reasons why you should use SnoozeShade in Autumn;

Sun Protection

Skin experts agree that sun protection should be worn between April and October and we think this is something more parents need to be aware of. The same experts also advise against the use of sunscreen on babies younger than six months, so this makes SnoozeShade even more essential as we move into a new season.

While it may be cooler and the sun may be hidden behind clouds, don't let that fool you. Leaving aside late Summer or early Autumn heatwaves, the sun's UV rays are still strong enough to cause damage to sensitive skin at this time of year, so it’s really not worth the risk. When you're out and about with the pushchair, pop SnoozeShade on. You can use lookout mode until it’s time for sleep and then it will work to encourage better, longer naps thanks to the darkened environment it creates.

Protection From The Elements

As well as protecting against the sun’s harmful UV rays, SnoozeShade can also be used as a protection against light wind and rain during the Autumn months. Though it's not totally waterproof, SnoozeShade is able to provide some protection against the elements - and it is definitely better than nothing if you're caught short without your rain cover.

SnoozeShade in Autumn


During the Summer, you've probably been able to get out and about a lot more. All those longer pram walks in glorious weather has got your little one used to sleeping on the go, which is amazing. However, now it’s colder, the parks are empty and the kids are back to school, don’t worry. Just because the Summer has finished, there's no reason why you should disrupt your hard-earned routine!

Perhaps you need to tweak your routine a little, such as walking to a café rather than the park but your baby doesn't need to be thrown out of their routine. If your little one has got used to a walk at a certain time and you both use this as nap time, keep it up!

SnoozeShade helps minimise distractions and can act as a sleep cue, too. Older babies benefit from maintaining a good routine - and consistency is key when it comes to better night time sleep too- as is plenty of fresh air. Additionally, (if you need another reason) getting outdoors at least once a day will help to boost your serotonin levels and elevate your mood, too.

We love hearing from you, so if you're using your SnoozeShade this season, please do share your Autumnal photos!

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