Let's introduce you to SnoozeShade

The UK's favourite range of universal pram and buggy sun shades

☀️  If you're looking for the safest pram sun shade to protect your baby or toddler from the sun, then you're in the right place!

🏅  Designed by a British mum, SnoozeShade is Britain's best-selling range of baby buggy sun shades and sleep aids.  SnoozeShade has won over 80 awards worldwide since launch in 2010.

💤  All SnoozeShade pram and buggy sunshades are made from an air permeable mesh that lets air circulate easily, provide high level sun protection and help your baby to sleep when you're out and about. 

🦟 And don't be surprised when you find that your SnoozeShade isn't just for summer! They can be used year-round to protect baby from insects, wind, chill and even light rain 🌧️

Want help deciding which SnoozeShade will be best for your baby? 

It's all about the sitting position of your baby (rather than the style or model of pram or pushchair).

For single width prams we have:

  • SnoozeShade Original is for you if your baby is lying flat in the pram or carrycot (we say from birth to approx 6 months as all babies are different)

For double side-by-side buggies (where each child has they own seat and hood) we suggest using one of the above per child based on your little one's seating position. 

For single hooded double buggies or for double 3 wheelers we have SnoozeShade Twin Deluxe which is perfect for twins or little ones of different ages.

If you still need help, click here to take our quick quiz to find the best SnoozeShade for you and your little one.

SnoozeShade original for babies lying flat in carrycots

 SnoozeShade Plus and Plus Deluxe buggy and stroller sunshades


SnoozeShade Twin Deluxe for double prams and twin pushchairs