• My fabulous A4 diaries feature dedicated space to write in every day as well as goal and priority setting for every month and every week.  
  • Every month starts with a monthly planner overview page along with a “Top 3 things to do this month" page
  • Every week has a weekly planner overview page along with a “Top 3 things to do this week” page to help you focus on the things that need prioritising in that week.
  • Isn’t it annoying that many diaries don’t have room for random notes outside the diary pages. This unique design has added notes paged spread regularly throughout - notebook and diary in one!

Each 2023 diary is £7.95 and has 200 pages:

  • Elegant glossy black or purple paperback cover with your choice of horoscope sign
  • A4 size (8.5" x 11") with plenty of lined notebook pages for writing notes
  • 13 Months - January 2023 to January 2024
  • Monthly planner pages with a "Top 3 things to do this month" page
  • Weekly planner - each week has "Top 3 things to do each week"

Everyone who uses these wants the one for next year!

Black covers:


Aries - black cover

Taurus - black cover

Gemini - black cover

Cancer - black cover

Leo - black cover

Virgo - black cover

Libra - black cover

Scorpio - black cover 

Sagittarius - black cover

Capricorn - black cover

Aquarius - black cover

Pisces - black cover

Purple covers: 

Aries - purple cover

Taurus - purple cover

Gemini - purple cover

Cancer - purple cover

Leo - purple cover

Virgo - purple cover

Libra - purple cover

Scorpio - purple cover

Sagittarius - purple cover

Capricorn - purple cover

Aquarius - purple cover

Pisces - purple cover