Don't worry! We've got you covered 😘

Faults are really rare at SnoozeShade - less than 0.1% really rare! But, they do happen occasionally and we always want to make it right.

We have also found that some retailers do not check their returns as thoroughly as we do and a faulty product gets back into circulation which makes us very unhappy!

We're sorry you've had a bad experience and we'll make sure that you get a lovely shiny brand new SnoozeShade!

Please read if you've contacted us via Instagram:
Our system needs to be able to match this form with your Instagram account - otherwise we can lose you (and we really don't want to).

The reason it often fails is when there are emojis in the Name. So be very specific when entering your Instagram Username and Name to make sure it's as fast as possible for us to find you.

How to find Instagram Name and UserName


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