For prams and pushchairs

Looking for the safest pram sun shade to protect your baby from the sun?

Need a pram cover that helps encourage naps on-the-go?

Then you're in the right place.

Designed by a British mum, SnoozeShade is Britain's best-selling range of baby buggy sun shades and sleep aids. It has won over 60 awards worldwide to date.

All SnoozeShade pushchair and stroller sunshades provide excellent and high level sun protection as well as helping your baby sleep when you are away from home or travelling as a family.

Science says that babies who sleep well during the day sleep better at night. Daytime naps reduce cortisol levels in baby's bloodstream so you don't end up with a baby who is too wired and too tired to nod off at bedtime.

Safety is number one at SnoozeShade.

Every product has been designed to exceed the required safety standards.  I use only the strongest zips, there are no long straps (so no entrapment or strangulation hazards). No cute buttons or dinky hooks (choking hazards) that could be pulled off by strong little fingers. My products are made to last and no expense is spared in making them safe.

All fabrics I use have been laboratory tested for their air-permeable and breathable qualities. Air-permeable is better than breathable when it comes to fabric as it simply means air passes through it.

And don't forget, SnoozeShades aren't just for summer! They can be used year-round to protect baby from insects, wind, chill and even light rain.

US customers - you can now buy SnoozeShade products on and get  you'll free delivery if you are a Prime member - click here to see our store.

Australian customers - you can buy SnoozeShade products from - click here to see the range


** If we are out of stock of anything we do have a special offers page where we sell off products that have damaged or no packaging at great prices. Click here to grab a bargain!  Or email us to see what we have available right now as it changes daily.

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