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11 Great Tips To Help Your Baby Sleep Safely In Winter

Winter has arrived and with it comes cold weather, the blasting of central heating, extra layers and fluffy socks.

We love winter here at SnoozeShade HQ but we often get questions from parents wanting to know how to keep babies safe whilst sleeping in colder temperatures.

Baby sleep safety is vitally important and you need to know how to keep your little one safe. Do please speak to your health visitor or GP if you have any questions or are unsure about any aspect of your baby's sleep.

Here's our quick guide to winter baby sleep safety.

When Your Baby Sleeps In The Pushchair Outside

During the colder months, it's really important to adjust your baby’s bedding and clothing depending on where your baby is sleeping. There is absolutely no reason why your baby cannot sleep outdoors in the pushchair when you’re out and about during the colder months - in fact, the SnoozeShade is just perfect for this. Not only will it provide a shady nook for your little one to snooze in, it will also protect against wind, light rain, winter chills and that low rays of the winter sun too. So, if your baby usually takes daytime naps in the pushchair, there is no reason to change that during the winter.

Baby Sleep Safely Outside

Some Tips to Make Sure Baby is Sleeping Safely Outside:

  • As a rule of thumb, your baby needs at least one extra layer than you when you leave the house during the winter. So if you're wearing two layers, pop a third onto baby to help maintain body temperature.
  • Make sure your baby always wears a hat outside during the winter, as so much heat is lost through the top of the head. It is very important to remove the hat once you're back inside.
  • Always keep an extra blanket under the pram or in your changing bag during the winter so that if it’s a little colder than you anticipated, you'll always be prepared.
  • If you use a blanket over the car seat to get your baby to the car, make sure you remove it once the heater kicks in. This can happen quickly in a car as the engine warms up, so stay mindful of your baby potentially getting too hot as you drive.
  • Never dress your baby in a padded winter coat during car journeys!
  • Always trust your instincts, and keep checking your baby to make sure she's warm enough as she sleeps – check the back of the neck rather than hands, which are naturally cooler. If the temperature really drops, then take her home.

Night Time Sleep

It's important to keep a check on your baby's room temperature and make adjustments if it get too hot or cold. The ideal nursery temperature is between 16-200C - use a nursery thermometer to keep an eye on this. 

At that temperature, your baby needs a vest and cotton babygrow, plus a blanket or a 1 TOG sleeping bag. If the room is colder, under 160C, add an extra blanket or use a 2.5 TOG sleeping bag.

Don't be tempted to add layers and run the risk of overheating, which is very dangerous for babies and has been linked to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome or Cot Death.

A Few More Indoor Sleeping Tips For Winter

  • Your baby cannot regulate her own body temperature, so you need to do it for her. Follow the bedding guidelines, use a room thermometer and check her temperature on the back of the neck.
  • Use a sleeping bag rather than thick blankets as you know how warm they are. Avoid sleeping bags that don’t have a TOG rating
  • Feet to foot: make sure your baby is always placed on her back to sleep, with her feet at the foot of her bed and bedding (if you use sheets and blankets) tucked in to come to the shoulders, never any higher. This prevent your baby from wriggling under bedclothes and getting too hot. Never place toys or pillows in the cot.
  • If you're co-sleeping, don't let your baby sleep under your duvet. You might want to sleep in a dressing gown so that you don't get cold!
  • Don't place baby's cot next to a heater!

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